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Dew is one of the astronomer's worst enemies. If precautions are not taken, dew can easily ruin a perfect nights observing or imaging. All telescopes are subject to 'dewing-up', therefore it is essential that every amateur astronomer have some form of dew control system as part of their equipment.

This digital micro-controlled dew controller has been designed and built in the UK using the highest quality electronic components. With all aspects of astronomy in mind, the controller is easy to use, providing a visual feedback of the current setting (unlike rotary knob versions).

A single push button allows instant control of the heater element in 20% steps. Any dew heater strap with an RCA/Phono connector can be used as long as the current does not exceed 3 Amps whilst connected to a permanent 12VDC supply. Typically, this means that scopes up to 16" are supported. Straps such as those sold by ourselves, or from Kendrick (FireFly and Premier) or Dew-Not work well with this controller.


  • Single button operation
  • Fused power chord
  • Microprocessor controlled Pulse Width Modulation output
  • MOSFET Technology
  • Velcro Attachment
  • Easy read LED power status
  • Efficient design - power is not wasted in the controller itself

  • Input voltage range: 7 – 15V DC
  • Output current: 3A Max
  • Adjustment: 0 – 100% in 20% steps
  • Dimensions: 60 x 35 x 15mm
  • Weight: 25 grams

How to use:

Start by mounting the dew strap (not supplied) to the telescope and then connect the RCA socket of the dew controller to the RCA plug of the dew strap. Connect the cigarette lighter plug to a suitable power source. 

Once connected, the lower of the four LEDs on the controller will flash – this shows that the unit is powered, but the output is set to 0% hence the dew strap will not get warm. Pressing and releasing the push button once will cause the bottom LED to illuminate brighter than the other three, showing an output of 20%.

Cycling through using the push button will increase the output to 40, 60, 80 and 100% power. 100% output power is represented by all LEDs on at the same brightness. Pressing the button again resets the unit back to 0% and the lowest LED will flash as before.

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