Dual Channel Digital Dew Controller

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Dual Channel Digital Dew Controller

Dew is one of the astronomers worst enemies. If precautions are not taken, dew can easily ruin a perfect nights observing or imaging. All telescopes are subject to dewing up, therefore it is essential that every amateur astronomer have some form of dew control system as part of their equipment.

This digital micro-controlled dew controller has been designed and built in the UK using the highest quality electronic components. With all aspects of astronomy in mind, the controller is easy to use, providing a visual feedback of the current setting (unlike rotary knob versions).

A single push button allows instant and independent control of two separate heater elements in 20% steps. Any dew heater straps with an RCA/Phono connector can be used as long as the current does not exceed 6 Amps whilst connected to a permanent 12VDC supply. Typically, this means that scopes up to 16" including secondary/eyepiece are supported. Straps such as those sold by ourselves, or from Kendrick (FireFly and Premier) or Dew-Not work well with this controller.

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Very nice product 5 product stars
"I have purchased a dual heater and 2 straps plus power cords from you - very pleased with everything. We get plenty of dew up in the Pennines even after only a few minutes exposure. I have been able to use the 8 scope for 5 hours without any misting up. The power leads are good about twice the thickness of commonly available one at twice the price and yours do not self-tangle. Keep up the good work." David Richards - 04/05/2016
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